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We fish for cod, haddock, pollock, cusk, and other bottom dwelling species beginning around Memorial Day weekend, through Labor Day. These fish make excellent table fare and the pollock can get up into the 25 to 30 pound range. We ground fish in 150 to 300 feet of water predominately on one of two offshore ledges: "Tantas Ledge", approximately 8 nautical miles southeast of the mouth of the Saco River,  and "Jeffrey's Ledge", approximately 25 nautical miles south / southeast from the mouth of the Saco river.  Which ledge we travel to on any given day is dependant on the weather, as well as the local fishing reports.

This year (2021) we have a Party/Charter For-Hire Open Season for Cod from September 8th to October 7th, 2021. Bag Limit is one cod per person per day with a Minimum Size of 21 inches. Haddock Season begins May 1, 2021 and runs through December. The bag limit on haddock is 15 fish per day/person with a Minimum Size of 17 inches. There are no bag or size limits on cusk, no bag limits on redfish (but a minimum size 9 inches) and no bag limits on pollock (but a minimum size of 19 inches). Wolf fish must still be released immediately if caught.  However, we strongly urge anglers to keep only those fish they intend to eat and no more.

It is not unusual to see whales (predominately finbacks, humpbacks, minke and pilot whales) harbor and hooded seals, harbor porpoises, or white-sided dolphins on our runs out to the ledges and back. So remember to bring your camera or camcorder!


Most sharks begin to arrive in Maine waters in mid July as the water temperatures warm to over 60 to 65 degrees farenheit. The sharks we will encounter are predominately blue sharks, but with a mix of mako, porbeagle, and thresher sharks. Porbeagle sharks prefer cooler water temperatures, and we often find them when targeting groundfish on the offshore ledges in May and June when the water temperatures are still in the 50"s. An excellent website to visit if you want to learn more about the sharks of New England is www.newenglandsharks.com. Shark fishing is done 10 to 30 miles offshore in anywhere from 300 to 600 feet of water. We head out early and put out a chumline behind the boat when we reach our destination, and drift over several hours. The vast majority of time, the toothy critters will eventually come up the chum line and find our baits, and the battle is on. We fish them with Penn 130 reels on Crowder bent butt rods with roller guides, fishing out of a stainless steel rod holder. This essentially eliminates any danger of being pulled out of the boat by a shark. As blue sharks are not good table fare, all blue sharks caught are tagged and released, after getting a nice photo or video of them.  We recommend tagging and releasing all sharks caught, however. Shark fishing usually results in a "two for one" fishing experience, as we generally fish the bottom for cod, haddock, and other groundfish while we are drifting for sharks. So if you book a shark trip, you may bring home several cod and haddock filets with you at the end of the day!




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