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You can make your reservation online or directly with Captain Dave by calling 207-590-2276. Once you have paid the deposit for the trip online (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are also accepted, your reservation is confirmed. If you have a balance due at at the end of your charter, i can only accept cash or money orders.



Captain Dave wants you to have a fun and SAFE experience, so he reserves the right to cancel & reschedule based on weather or sea conditions. We will refund your full deposit if the Captain has to cancel the trip due to weather, and you are unable to reschedule. The captain will typically make the weather call the night before the trip is scheduled. If YOU decide to cancel your trip for any reason prior to the trip date, a seven (7) day notice is required to receive your deposit refund. All no shows forfeit their entire deposit.

Cancellation After We Are Underway

If the weather conditions change while we are underway (it happens sometimes!) and the Captain determines it has become unsafe and terminates the trip, the cost of the trip will be prorated based upon the time away from the dock. Every effort will be made to reschedule your trip if possible. If the person paying for the charter decides to cancel the trip after we are already underway for whatever reason (such as seasickness; see Sea Sickness policy below) the full price of the charter will be forfeited.

Bait, rods and reels, saltwater fishing licenses are included. You are responsible for any lost fishing gear (offshore groundfish rod/reel outfits cost $250.00 each; tuna rods and reel outfits are $1800 each....do NOT drop them overboard!!). We do not charge for lost jigs, hooks and sinkers.


► wear sneakers or deck shoes

► hat

► sun screen

► sunglasses

► camera or camcorder

► clothing for the weather

► lunch

You should bring a cooler to leave in your car, so you can put fish filets or lobsters in it after your trip!


You may bring beer or wine aboard the boat, but liquor and illegal drugs are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If a passenger becomes intoxicated, the Captain reserves the right to terminate the trip without a refund.


If the customer wants to return early because of seasickness, you will be responsible for full payment. We do not want this to happen to you, so take precautions! If you are planning an inshore trip, seasickness is very unlikely to be a problem. However, if you are going offshore, you should definitely consider some form of medication and/or wrist band to help prevent seasickness.


They essentially come in two types:

1. Elastic, accupressure wristbands (Sea-Band and Travel-Eze) that put pressure on the nerve and seem to prevent motion sickness in some people (about $10 a pair).

2. Relief Band, a battery powered wrist band. This is the only drug free, FDA approved device for motion sickness. It is believed to work by electrically stimulating certain nerves on the underside of your wrist, which is thought to transmit a signal to the brain that interferes with the sensation of nausea. You can read about it at www.reliefband.com. These devices are expensive (usually between $80 and $100 each, depending on where you buy it). However, we have seen these bands work very effectively on the Pritnear Heaven.


There are several over the counter (OTC) drugs that will help to prevent motion sickness. My experience (and many others as well!) is that they are virtually useless if you take them AFTER the symptoms of motion sickness appear. So if you plan to use one of these OTC compounds, take the recommended dose the night before your trip, and then again AT LEAST one hour prior to getting on the board, preferably with a light meal. The most common OTC's used are:

1. The antihistamine dimenhydrinate (brand name Dramamine, Triptone).

2. The histamine receptor blocker meclizine (brand name Bonine, or Dramamine II).


If you are planning an offshore trip, you may want to talk to your doctor about prescription medication to prevent seasickness (especially if you have not had success with using the non-prescription medications above). The options include:

1. Scopalamine (in tablet, patch, or gel)

2. Promethazine (tablet, injectable, suppository, liquid)

3. Prochlorperazine (tablet, injectable, suppository, liquid)

4. Cinnarizine (tablet, capsule, liquid)

Your doctor will suggest which one is likely best for you, and will determine the dose and when to take it.

In addition to taking medication and / or using a wristband, the following can help prevent seasickness as well:

# Do not get on board with a hangover!

# Light meal an hour before travel

# Don't go below in the cabin for a long time; stay outside in the fresh air during the trip.

# Focus on the horizon rather than trying to read or look at something inside the boat.

# Don't smoke

# Eat dry crackers

# Drink a carbonated beverage



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