Special Shark Trips with Dr. Sulikowski
Shark Research

Participants will become part of an elite group of shark adventurers working with Dr. Sulikowski and Captain Johnson studying the various shark species off the coast of Maine.  Here they will observe the scientific efforts to conserve sharks and ensure the biologically diverse Gulf of Maine marine ecosystem. You will be part of our crew and will be involved in helping us catch sharks on rod and reel.  All sharks captured will be brought on board our vessel and will have an aerated tube inserted in their mouth and saltwater will be run through the tube and over their gills so they remain oxygenated. Sharks will then be measured, and an identifying mark and recapture tag will be inserted into the dorsal fin. Select sharks captured will also be fitted with a finmount satellite tag to track the shark’s movements while collection of ultrasound data and blood samples to determine pregnancy may also be conducted on certain females. Another potential bonus while offshore searching for sharks is encountering the whales which come to feed in the Gulf of Maine each summer, including humpback, pilot, minke, and finback whales. Check out the links below to see some videos of Dr. Sulikowski's shark research:




We will spend about 9 hours offshore on each of these trips. The cost of this private, all day offshore adventure with us is $1500.00 (total) and we can accommodate up to 4 people on each trip on our 32 foot Luhrs Sportfisherman, which includes an enclosed head with flush toilet. These trips will be available from July 16th through the month of September on a very limited basis. So sign up now while these special trips are still available with Dr. Sulikowski.  "You can reserve your trip with a $750 deposit below and let us know which day you and your crew would like to join us, and we will make every effort to accommodate you."

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